1. Automate your research
  2. Discover & Innovate
  3. Break down data silos
  4. Gain Rapid Insight
  5. Tackle complex diseases

with the world’s first global omics data sharing & analytics marketplace.

Enter a new era of precision medicine, transforming how lab & clinical data is shared and analyzed. Our revolutionizing ecosystem combines a secure and global multi-omics data marketplace with an easy to use, drag & drop bioinformatics & AI platform.

How it works

Data Flow in the HLTH platform is very seamless. The user does not need in-depth bioinformatics
expertise and is guided through all necessary steps from data upload to data analytics.

Upload & Set
01 Select Data
02 Select Pipeline
03 Configure & Run

Omics Data Sets

Bioinformatics &
AI Marketplace

Pipelines & AI Tools

Reports &


Usher in a new era of precision medicine to uplift all of humanity

Be curious & willing to destroy the status-quo, breaking down global data silos, transforming how we discover scientific insight, and sharing our digital legacy with the world.

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Upload and share multi-omics data with ease.

Control your data in a fine-grained manner to

  • Host and manage large amount of data for your research lab, collaborators, or consortium
  • Store and share your raw data when publishing a research paper
  • Set permission setting to store data privately (your secure space), open (publicly available), or monetizable

Break down data silos, putting data in a larger, global context

Increase research impact by getting your whole team and collaborators together to discover and analyse data.

  • Easily add and manage teammates on your project
  • Make data easily findable & searchable
  • Improve reusability & data handover, so that data is not stored and forgotten
  • Increase impact as sharing data will help the global fight against complex and rare diseases

Analyze multi-omics data using our bioinformatics & AI marketplace

Gain easy insight with our dynamic reporting tools & automate your statistical analyses, easier than ever before.

  • Choose from a variety of standard & proprietary bioinformatics pipelines
  • Ease-of use: No in-depth bioinformatics expertise or command line entry required
  • Export, download & publish your findings within seconds

Accelerate discovery through our global data marketplace

Say goodbye to siloed data and make multi-omics data discovery as easy as finding music on streaming sites.

  • Find rare & exclusive cohorts from academic or industry leaders
  • Instead of spending millions of $ for datasets, gain affordable access in a pay-per-use model
  • No complex access procedures
  • Share data with the public anonymously, keeping ownership of your data