Researchers who love HLTH

Research teams — across many verticals — are using HLTH to store, aggregate and interrogate multi-omics datasets, take a look at our use cases below.

Biobanks & Data Custodians

HLTH helps biobanks and data custodians by providing an automated platform for sharing, managing, and monetizing their data.

The usability of healthcare data is limited when it is trapped in silos. HLTH provides the only cross-border data marketplace to allow data custodians to break down data silos and easily and securely share and monetize anonymized datasets.

  • Patient Data maximises workflow efficiency and increases confidence in diagnoses.
  • Make your data actionable by reporting patient results within days to meet contracted turnaround times.
  • Break down data silos by putting data in a larger, global context.
  • Make your data easily findable and searchable.
  • Improve accessibility by avoiding complicated access procedures and promoting maximum use of research data.
  • Advance interoperability by integrating with applications or workflows for analysis, storage, and processing, e.g., new AI algorithms.
  • Enable Reusability so that your data is not stored and forgotten but is reusable in many research projects.

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HLTH helps academic researchers securely store, share, manage, and analyze their research outputs.

HLTH helps academic researchers to securely store, share, manage, and analyze their research outputs.

  • Easily share data with fine-grained permission with colleagues, collaborators, journal reviewers, consortia, or the public.
  • Increase the impact of your research, as sharing your data will help the global fight against complex and rare diseases.
  • Gain a reputation for your organization by giving researchers the ability to find, reuse, and cite your work.
  • Easy handover of research data and workflows when a student leaves the group.
  • Access and analyze global multi-omics datasets to increase the accuracy and statistical power of your research data, even without bioinformatics expertise.

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HLTH helps pharmaceutical companies to boost their R&D pipeline by providing access to multi-omics data, and state-of-the-art bioinformatics & AI tools

HLTH provides tools and services to significantly accelerate the pace of drug discovery while reducing research costs.

We provide a secure and GDPR-compliant data-sharing and analytics hub for genetic and other pharmaceutical data (e.g., for pre-competitive consortia or academia/pharma collaborations).

We can develop, test, and validate bioinformatics pipelines (Pharma, Agro) and machine learning methods for drug discovery, patient stratification, and repurposing, among others. We enable you to tap into global datasets and third-party AI algorithms for drug development and drug repositioning.

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HLTH helps direct-to-consumer companies reduce the costs of data storage, and provide pathways to data monetization, and white label reporting pipelines.

HLTH provides direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetics companies a safe and secure way of monetizing data through our data marketplace, where researchers from around the globe can easily analyse data in a privacy-preserving manner, without coming in contact with the raw data itself.

Our solution is not only GDPR compliant but dynamic, allowing for complete control by the Data Custodian and can be suited for any growing company.

In addition, we offer affordable multi-comics data storage by providing state-of-the-art compression algorithms as well as dynamic white label reporting tools for your clients.

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